D3: Paragon System to be added to Patch 1.0.4

Yesterday, Blizzard announced a new Rift like system of Ascension Levels called the Paragon system. In Rift, this means that once you hit 50, you can gain points to level up core skills or attributes. For Diablo 3, it's going to raise up your base stats as well as gold find and magic find, by about 3% per level - of which there are 100 levels, beyond level 50.

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All this really means is that Blizzard is giving you a reason to grind on. As you grind up, you will get bonuses to stats and bonuses to MF/GF making it much easier to find Legendary items, which in turn will increase the possible sales up on the RMAH... bleh.

Rift: The new way to farm Planarite

It used to be, the fastest way to farm planarite was to go to Shimmersand and farm the minor Earth Rifts with a group of friends or guild. Unfortunately, with the lower populations and the fact that when most people hit 50 now, they want to farm either Ascension Levels, Gear up through dungeons, or even do the new Conquest, this makes it a bit difficult to find groups for, especially for long amounts of time. Continue reading "Rift: The new way to farm Planarite"