Daily Archives: 22 August 2012

Rift: Artifact Tracker Offset Finder for OllyDBG

This is a script which attempts to find offsets using OllyDBG for an Artifact Tracker. Additionally it tries to find the fly and no collision offsets.

Rift Minion: Setup Tutorial Videos for Bot version 2.0.1

RiftMinion is the only undetected Game Helper, Leveling Bot, Fish Bot, and PvP bot for Rift, but we realize that you might not understand some of the basics like how to set up the bot, how to login, how to

D3: How to do the Trade Window Scam

This “Secure Window Trade” exploit has been happening very often, it’s time one of us came up with a solution to prevent this, especially for our loyal readers. However because it does give the info on how it's achieved and propagated,