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The Secret World: Unlocking the Illuminati Tunnels

In the secret world, the hero must unlock the Illuminati Tunnels in tier 8 of the main mission in Kingsmouth and the Savage Coast. Before unlocking the Illuminati Tunnels, the hero must complete tier 6 of the mission, and follow

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan release pushed back to Oct 15

news submitted by Tom Riddle Letter from the Producer: Riders of Rohan Update Riders of Rohan news from Kate Paiz, Executive Producer We’ve had a very successful Beta program with some of the largest and most active beta player populations

Dragon Nest: Pyromancer or Saleana Build and Skills

Compiled by Chaose5 Pyromancers (aka Saleana) is the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of Fire-element based elemental lords. Often people would infer to this class as the more PvE oriented type, due to their very high DPS and Crit. Pyromancers