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GW2: Jumping Puzzles explained

credit to Zorthos for this find GW2's world is filled to the brim with interesting environments. However many MMO devs have is a lack of detail to some areas, so to bring details, puzzles were added so more people will

LOTRO Summer Festival Guide 2012 – ROR Contest

Rather then re-writing, or delving through the Summer Festival this year, we decided to let others do it, and then to link to it. Something to do while waiting for October 15.... LOTRO Summer Festival Guide 2012 August 23, 2012

WoW-Mists of Pandaria: Preparation Guide (part 1)

In about a month Mists Of Pandaria will ship out and finally we will have something new to do, kill new baddies, raid new places, level our professions and open up new opportunities to make gold. But before MoP finally