Daily Archives: 26 August 2012

GW2: Infinite Chest Looting Dupe Exploit

The holy grail of exploiting, is a dupe bug, and it seems that GW2 has one - though in this case you can loot a chest multiple times, not actually dupe a specific item. You can expect this exploit to

News: Demonoid down for the count, up for sale – alternatives

It happens a few times a year, one of the most popular websites goes down for the count, usually when the police raid the servers and force the sites down - or at least that's what happened in this case

D3: Blizzard Trash-Talks David Brevik after interview

This is a repost from elsewhere, but it's following an interview between David Brevik of Diablo 1 and 2, and IncGamers, discussing some "flaws" with Diablo 3. Blizzard employees trash-talk the interview via Facebook. The aftermath and crap talk, is