Daily Archives: 28 August 2012

Tera Online: Free to Use (beta) Grind bot

A free to use (while in beta) bot, for the players of the popular game called Tera Online. This bot uses custom classes and has some built in fighting routines to allow it to farm mobs for you. Profiles are

Otherland: Game play video from Gamescon

Here's one of the first looks of what we can expect for the mmo being worked on based on Otherland by Tad Williams book series. Please remember, this mmo was in Alpha stages at the time of the video, and

Guild Wars 2: Cooking Recipe + Ingredient Location List

This is a spreadsheet which shows most of the different cooking recipes in the game, what ingredients they take to make them, and then where to get the actual ingredients. Page 1 - RecipesPage 2 - Ingredient ListPage 3 -