Daily Archives: 29 August 2012

GW2: Wall Casting Leakage Exploit

I have used this type of exploit before, easily one of my favorites. Basically what you do, is you cast an Area of Attack spell at a wall. If you are lucky, some of the attack, will actually leak through

GW2: MMO Minion for GW2 Progress & UI

The Rift Minion bot, is an excellent bot, well coded, and isn't like most of the path bots out there. Path bots, go in the same circle all day, and are easy to spot. It's part of the reason I

GW2: How to Kite Champion mobs

Kiting mobs, is the act of using terrain to run around mobs, so that you can always attack them, while minimizing the amount of hits you take. Sometimes you can even glitch the mobs to where they are unable to