Daily Archives: 30 August 2012

GW2: Ressurection Cheat

If you have a Portalstone to the Halls of Monument, you can use this to cheat yourself out of some ressurection costs. How do you get one? You need to have had GW installed, and then upgraded and added GW2

Rift Free Storm Legion expansion with subscription

In what seems to be the current trend of things, Trion is jumping on the bandwagon and offering a free upgrade to their Storm Legion expansion, if players purchase 1 year of subscription time. This is actually a heck of

GW2: Level 80 Epic 1-H and 2-H Weapons for near 2k Karma – Nerfed

Buy 1 handed level 80 epic weapons for 1.4k karma and 2-H level 80 weps for 2k karma. These are normally sold for 63k karma each. These weps seem to be BOE, so we recommend selling them asap, to maximize