Daily Archives: 31 August 2012

GW2: Level 80… So now what?

If you just hit 80, then your lifelong goal is complete, and I kinda pity you, while worshiping you at the same time, however with more people are starting to hit level 80, you are all hitting the same choices.

GW2: Karma Weapon Exploit = BAN HAMMER – 2nd chance!

If you used the Karma Weapon exploit, and got caught, you were likely banned. However, all is not lost. As a treatise ArenaNet has offered a repeal of sorts...

GW2: WvW Cheat – win more often

It always seems to be the same, one side wins All-the-time, and the other loses all-the-time, am I right? Use this "cheat" to win more often at WvW. This will take a bit of research, however once you get it