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WoW: Healing in PvP guide

Healing in World of Warcraft is one of the most important factors when in PvP. Arena Healing and PvP healing are two very different things hoever. When in the arena it is necessary to choose much more between offense and

Otherland MMO Closed Beta Starts Today

If you aren't sure what Otherland is, allow me to give you a brief run down. Otherland by Tad Williams is a 4 book series in which a super computer is "built" which allows people to transfer their consciousness into

Diablo 3: Barbarian Inferno Mode Guide

If you want to solo in Inferno mode as a Barbarian, you should know that you will not be as effective as ranged classes. The problem is pretty simple: even with the best gear for your current level of progression,

The Secret World: Unlocking the Illuminati Tunnels

In the secret world, the hero must unlock the Illuminati Tunnels in tier 8 of the main mission in Kingsmouth and the Savage Coast. Before unlocking the Illuminati Tunnels, the hero must complete tier 6 of the mission, and follow

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan release pushed back to Oct 15

news submitted by Tom Riddle Letter from the Producer: Riders of Rohan Update Riders of Rohan news from Kate Paiz, Executive Producer We’ve had a very successful Beta program with some of the largest and most active beta player populations

Dragon Nest: Pyromancer or Saleana Build and Skills

Compiled by Chaose5 Pyromancers (aka Saleana) is the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of Fire-element based elemental lords. Often people would infer to this class as the more PvE oriented type, due to their very high DPS and Crit. Pyromancers

Rift: Artifact Tracker Offset Finder for OllyDBG

This is a script which attempts to find offsets using OllyDBG for an Artifact Tracker. Additionally it tries to find the fly and no collision offsets.

Rift Minion: Setup Tutorial Videos for Bot version 2.0.1

RiftMinion is the only undetected Game Helper, Leveling Bot, Fish Bot, and PvP bot for Rift, but we realize that you might not understand some of the basics like how to set up the bot, how to login, how to

D3: How to do the Trade Window Scam

This “Secure Window Trade” exploit has been happening very often, it’s time one of us came up with a solution to prevent this, especially for our loyal readers. However because it does give the info on how it's achieved and propagated,

DDO – Forgotten Realms: 13.5k xp per minute – sustainable

This method will allow you and a group of friends to level up quickly in the Forgotten Realms. You will be able to gain up to 13.5k xp every minute, on a repeatable quest.

D3: Paragon System to be added to Patch 1.0.4

Yesterday, Blizzard announced a new Rift like system of Ascension Levels called the Paragon system. In Rift, this means that once you hit 50, you can gain points to level up core skills or attributes. For Diablo 3, it's going

Rift: The new way to farm Planarite

It used to be, the fastest way to farm planarite was to go to Shimmersand and farm the minor Earth Rifts with a group of friends or guild. Unfortunately, with the lower populations and the fact that when most people

World of Tanks: Teamplay Guide

Even a good scout is worthless if they dont have proper support from Medium and Heavy tanks, and Medium and Heavy tanks are worthless without a proper scout, and or support from SPGs if any are available. Which made me

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan Beta Patch Notes

submitted by anonymous Introducing the Beta patch notes for Riders of Rohan, round 3. These notes were submitted by an unknown source providing all the information on recent changes to the game and patches. We take no credit nor can

SWTOR: Vandrayk Tuning Apparatus video guide

In this video, Gaddock Teeg is discussing the Vandrayk Tuning Apparatus in the Grand Acquisitions Race. Be warned there are spoilers, so watch at your own discretion

Rift: Instant Adventures Rift Encounter Tip

I love Instant Adventures, but on occasion they can get bugged. In particular, closing Rifts. In fact, this happened to a group of us today. An Air Rift was supposed to be closed, but on act 5, it bugged, and

Rift: Static Location to gain Artifacts

Lo and behold, I have begun seeing a few artifacts with a static location, begun to pop on the AH for 2-3 rift platinum each. I suppose if you can't be bothered to go there and get them yourself, then

Firefox vs Chrome

I finally did it. I finally switched back from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox. I don't know why suddenly Chrome has become very buggy for me, but it started a couple months ago, when I couldn't open PayPal with Chrome.

Starcraft 2: Map Review Shakuras Plateau & Ohana LE

Want to know the nitty gritty of each map? The best place to go, the best places to hide expansions or the best route to attack? All this an more is answered today, when you see the Map Review for

End of Nations: Info & Links

Tom Riddle works his magic to find you everything you might need to know about the new game currently in beta called End of Nations. Game Synopsis from: & Join the global conflict in End of Nations™, the

How To Multi-Box without VMWare

Written by Kickazz006 If you want to multibox, without the use of VMWare, there is an alternative, but it will cost you some money every 3 months to use, and there is no pirated copy afaik which you can use.