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GW2: Legendary Crafting Flowchart

In order to make crafting legendaries a little bit easier, we are providing a crafting flowchart. If you are looking for a full guide, then you can refer to this post: GW2: Guide to Creating Legendaries.

Otherland (beta): What is the deal with beta testing these days?

I saw this posted on Facebook, regarding Otherland's MMO in beta. Read the rant about beta keys, the reply, and how to get into beta on any game - it's similar on how to find cheats 😉

The Secret World: Assault Rifle/Shotgun Nightmare DPS Build

WEAPONS: Assault Rifle/ShotgunDetails: This is a AR/Shotgun build for Nightmare DPS It is a simple rotation and build and also one of the highest if not the highest dps build in the game.

Scandal: Diablo Dev was a Gold Farmer!

“It started small” he says, hesitantly. We’ve been passing mail back and forward for months on the topic, but this is the first time he has been willing to sit down and discuss it with me. “We would joke in

World of Tanks: Update, Changes to game play, New Strategies

So the other day there was a major update to the game design, and whoa! It's actually something which is a definite game changer. I presume the change has something to do with them using a new engine with World

GW2: Weaponsmithing Cheap Fast 1-400 Crafting Guide

This is our final crafting guide for GW2. Here we cover 1-400 Weaponsmithing and provide the fastest and cheapest way to level this profession. Please note that we present to you a material list for each set of levels, and

GW2: Cracking Down on botters – 1600 banned so far

Oh yah baby, they are really cracking down on GW2 botters. ArenaNet continues to exclaim how they are cracking down, improving their detection, and well banning people. Of course they claim a direct link to gold sellers and spammers, and

D3: Demon Hunter Explosive Build – 1 shot A3 Inferno mobs

I am very happy to have an alternate to the glass cannon build I've been using since they nerfed the DH Tank. I got the idea from seeing a barbarian HotA build. I've got the build to a point where

Torchlight 2: Info & important Links

The complete, and everything you need to know about Torchlight 2 Info and Links,  is brought to you by Tom Riddle. Tom Riddle is well known for being the goto guy when you want information on any game or for

GW2: 1-400 Cheap Fast Tailoring Guide

  This guide teaches you to level your GW2 Tailoring from 1-400 using the least amount of GW2 Gold as possible, while still speeding you along to the top of the leveling pack. To cut costs you can farm your

WoW: Joana’s 85-90 Horde and Alliance Leveling Guides

Joana's 85-90 Leveling Guides Mists of Pandaria is here and Joana's 85-90 guides are ready to go! Read on, for why you should use this guide, above all others to level from 85-90 on your Alliance and Horde toons.

GW2: Huntsman 1-400 Fast Cheap Crafting Guide

Here you will find everything you need to, in order to level your crafting for Huntsman from 1-400. We have made it fast and easy, and included the materials you will need so that you can either gather them ahead

WoW: 12 Million XP per hour leveling spot – 85-90 in 5 hours

It took a guild to do it, but they managed it. They went for the "World's First" achievement and gained it. But how did they do it you ask? Well it's an old exploit - which is allowed, and also

WoW: Are you ready for the Mists of Pandaria?

Let's cover some of the changes you'll run into with the latest expansion for World of Warcraft. One of the most notable changes is the complete overhaul of the character talent system. All classes have been updated with a new

GW2: Artificer 1-400 Fast and Cheap Leveling guide

Continuing our professions guides, this is the GW2 Artificer 1-400 guide. It will allow you to level your Artificer crafting skill to 400 in record times for only a few GW2 gold. We highly suggest purchasing your items in bulk,

WoW – MoP: Fast Monk Powerleveling Tips

Sure, you could spend 12-18 hours a day leveling up your monk, but what if there was some tips, which could make it seem like you were leveling in much less time? Watch this video to learn how to level

WoW: Rythal’s Fan Update to Carbonite Addon v5.0.4.009

With Carbonite getting a "quick fix" a couple weeks ago in preparation for MoP, one fan decided to fix, the update. Rythal is a fan of Carbonite and has taken it to the next level while fixing many bugs with

WoW: Addon Suite – Booster Leveling Guide, Tycoon Gold Guide

These complete addon guides are now available for download. This set includes the following addons; Booster Horde and Alliance 1-85 Leveling guide Tycoon Gold guide Impulse Keybind and Macros Edge Builds and Spell Rotations Click the above links to learn

Torchlight 2: Full Game Download – Pre-Cracked

The award-winning action RPG is back, bigger and better than ever! Torchlight II takes you back into the quirky, fast-paced world of bloodthirsty monsters, bountiful treasures, and sinister secrets - and, once again, the fate of the world is in

GW2: Armorsmithing 1-400 Cheap Fast Leveling Guide

This guide will teach you to level Armorsmithing 1-400 in the fastest, cheapest way possible. You will end up paying some GW2 gold if you want to do it fast. If you want to harvest the items yourself then doing

WoW: 1000 Embersilk per hour farming spot

This place has become a very profitable way of making gold for mages since 5.04! Currently it beats other methods of farming gold/embersilk by as much as 400 cloths per hour, which translates into a healthy sum. Requirements: Level 85