Daily Archives: 3 September 2012

GW2: Thief Structured PvP Builds

Structured PvP is a semi-unique PvP system where you will be able to play the same Race and Class that you currently are, but you get access to every single skill and trait line available to your character at any

GW2: Find Exploits – Get Paid to Report and Verify them

You might be thinking that we're looking for someone to find us GW2 exploits, bugs, etc. In reality, ArenaNet is looking for someone to do it. If I lived near Bellevue Washington, I might be severely tempted. The value of

Rift: Farming Level 50 Equipment via LFG

When you hit level 50, not only are you a new level 50, but you might as well go around naked. Your gear is what helped you level, but it doesn't really help you when you want to go do