Daily Archives: 22 September 2012

WoW: 1000 Embersilk per hour farming spot

This place has become a very profitable way of making gold for mages since 5.04! Currently it beats other methods of farming gold/embersilk by as much as 400 cloths per hour, which translates into a healthy sum. Requirements: Level 85

Diablo 3: Money Management is Similar to Playing Poker

Anyone that plays Diablo 3 with any seriousness wants to make and hold onto as much gold as they can. If you think about it, building and managing your gold in Diablo 3 gold is much like playing poker.

EVE Online: Advanced Guide to Exploration in W Space

Everything in wormholes stems from exploring, a three dimensional geometry mini-game that some players don't mind and some players can't stand. (There's a few who actively like the mini-game but not many I suspect. For me, I actively enjoy the