Daily Archives: 24 September 2012

WoW – MoP: Fast Monk Powerleveling Tips

Sure, you could spend 12-18 hours a day leveling up your monk, but what if there was some tips, which could make it seem like you were leveling in much less time? Watch this video to learn how to level

WoW: Rythal’s Fan Update to Carbonite Addon v5.0.4.009

With Carbonite getting a "quick fix" a couple weeks ago in preparation for MoP, one fan decided to fix, the update. Rythal is a fan of Carbonite and has taken it to the next level while fixing many bugs with

WoW: Addon Suite – Booster Leveling Guide, Tycoon Gold Guide

These complete addon guides are now available for download. This set includes the following addons; Booster Horde and Alliance 1-85 Leveling guide Tycoon Gold guide Impulse Keybind and Macros Edge Builds and Spell Rotations Click the above links to learn