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Diablo 3: Money Management is Similar to Playing Poker

Anyone that plays Diablo 3 with any seriousness wants to make and hold onto as much gold as they can. If you think about it, building and managing your gold in Diablo 3 gold is much like playing poker.

EVE Online: Advanced Guide to Exploration in W Space

Everything in wormholes stems from exploring, a three dimensional geometry mini-game that some players don't mind and some players can't stand. (There's a few who actively like the mini-game but not many I suspect. For me, I actively enjoy the

Diablo 3: Speed Level Paragon levels – 15M exp per hour

It's hard to believe that there might be a faster way to level then farming Inferno, but there is. In fact, this guide uses Hell mode, but the reason for this is simple. We use shoddy gear similar to the

Guild Wars 2: Fill your heart bar in under 30 seconds cheat

Any heart which has an item that you need to pickup off the ground, that get's placed into your inventory can be bugged, allowing you to fill up your heart bar very quickly.

Guild Wars 2: Guide to Creating Legendaries

info compiled by Xaragoth Making Legendaries are a long process, which will devour roughly over 100g and 2 Million Karma. Not to mention your time. Some parts are made from crafting, others are obtained as loot, some are random, but

WoW: Dugi’s Leveling Guide – 40% off – sale ends Sept 24th

These days, there are 2 great WoW guides for leveling. There is Dugi and there is Zygor. Each of them take you to the same level, and each of them are hard at work on the new expansion, Mists of

D3: Manipulating the AH in your Favor

This trick will allow you to control the AH for a time, which in turn will allow you to buy/sell at a profit. It will take a bit of an investment and a bit of patience, however by it's nature

WoW: Control Undead – a Death Knight’s Tips and Tricks

Control Undead is a new ability coming out for the Death Knight in Mists of Pandaria, which will allow you to make an undead creature a minion for a time. Not only will you have it as a minion (think

GW2: Share your Rich Nodes locations

For those who have been under a rock (or haven't been?), the trick here is to find the node in a busy server/zone, mine it and the log off and hope you log back into a different overflow or into

Rift: Autumn Harvest tips and tricks

written by Spitt of First off, to get into this special area, find one of the Fairy Rings on your map in most any zone (DO NOT enter through the Realm of the Fae dungeon entrance). Once you click

It’s all about the perspective

This has nothing to do with games (for the most part, lol). It's a scale which will allow you to zoom in or out to compare the sizes of things as compared to the average size of a human. It's

GW2: 80 Things to do once you hit level 80

I didn't come up with this list, but it's well worth re-posting here because in all honesty, most people get bored when they hit the level cap, they whine and then they go back to the game they were in

GW2: Making Gold with the TP method – works on most games

Once in a while I see one of these guides pop-up for a different item on making some money, and people seem astonished that it works so well. Basically the concept is buy low, and sell high, but use the

GW2: Guide to getting Vistas, while in combat

If you like farming 100% map completion, you might notice one annoying thing... You can't get a vista while in combat. Since I typically like to run through mobs, this can get quite annoying. Here is a way around this

D3: AFK Paragon Leveling – no macros

Survivor's experience can grant you as much as 670 xp per second, which means if you can find somewhere you can be damaged, but heal the damage faster then you take it, you can level without being at the keyboard.

GW2: Free to Use Event Bot

Here is a great little Guild Wars 2 Event Bot. This GW2 event bot will just do the events for you. You will need to be in a 1920x1080 res for this bot to work. If you don't have that

GW2: Leatherworking 1-400 Cheap Fast Crafting Guide

This crafting guide is the cheapest and fastest way to level Leatherworking from 1-400. For each step we will provide you with all the materials you will need so you can gather them ahead of time. Then we provide steps

GW2: Jumping Puzzle Solution Goemm’s Lab in Metrica Province

Once again, furthering the Jumping Puzzles' solutions we have the solution to Goemm's Lab in Metrica Province for you, along with some useful tips. This video guide will teach you how pass all the stages and how to attune yourself

GW2: 160k Weapon Damage – 1-Hit Kill

There are basically 2 bugs which are the end all, when it comes to exploiting games. The first is the elusive dupe bug. The second is a 1-hit kill. That's what this cheat is about today. Where to get a

Elder Scroll’s Skyrim: How to make an in-game helm, come to life

Helm of Yngol brought to life Wouldn't it be cool, if you could simply ask someone to make you a helmet or armor from any game, and then... well... have it in a few weeks?  Volpin Props actually did that