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Guild Wars 2: Seige Macro – Auto Catapult or Trebuchet

Repeatedly pressing the same buttons over and over can get tiring, this macro will do the dirty work for you, and save your fingertips. It automatically fires the Catapult or the Trebuchet for you while allowing you to go afk

Warez: Might & Magic 6 – v1.7.1 Download – Crack Included

Might and Magic Heroes VI Gold Edition RePack-Catalyst This is episode 6 of the Might & Magic RPG series, and version 1.7.1 Gold Edition. If you like the game, please, please buy it. It supports the authors, and keeps more

Rift Builds: Delayed

I was hoping to post my OP Cleric DPS build today, as well as more builds over the next few days, but it seems that Zam's site is bugging out. I haven't been able to properly make the builds as

GW2: Repeat Daily Quest on alts, Multiple free siege items

This uses a method to un-bind items to you, and will allow you to drop Seige items which should be bound to an alt, to the ground to be picked up by a friend, who can then do the same

World of Tanks: Knowing when to retreat

Sometimes it's luck, sometimes it's instincts, and sometimes just plain cowardice. No matter the reason, knowing when to retreat, can actually help to turn the tide of a battle... of course those craven enough might turn the battle for the

GW2: Defeat the Risen Priest of Balthazar easily

As a necromancer, there is an item which will allow you to quickly take down the Risen Priest of Balthazar. It's when you get the one-shot debuff on yourself, that you can then transfer it to him. Without this item,

Top 25 Most Common and Worst Passwords of 2012

You would think, with all the hacking going on around the world today, that people by now, would use a password manager and a more secure password, but it seems that some people will never learn... and for that they

World of Warcraft-MoP: Working Fishbot for Mists of Pandaria

Possibly the best working WoW fishing bot out there. It will allow you to fish easily in the game and take care of all your problems. Just download it and follow the instructions. Features: StandStill Fishing Use Lures AutoLoot Send

Guild Wars 2: Down Mobs & Bosses – God Mode – No Retaliation

This is a combination exploit and game hack. You will need to have this teleport tool, to make this cheat work. Basically, you need to get under the world, and then range mobs. Most of them won't fight back, even

GW2: 4 Black Lion Keys per Hour Cheat

The Black Lion Chest is getting a spooky upgrade for Halloween. Between October 23 and November 5 each Black Lion Chest you open has a chance to give you one of six exclusive Halloween-themed weapon skins! You can get through

GW2: Halloween Event Guides

Rather then reposting someone else's works, I am just going to link to some different resources and quote some information for you regarding the GW2 Halloween Event.

Diablo 3: Bypass SMS Authentication when listing on RMAH

If you don't have access to a cellular phone, and want to list items on the RMAH, you might have found yourself a little bit out of luck. However, there is a cheat which will allow you to bypass this

Of Orcs and Men: PC Download with working Serial Code

Release Name.......[ Of Orcs And Men-CPY Release Date.......[ 23/10/2012 Shop Release Date..[ 11/10/2012 Format.............[ Iso Release............[ Game Kind...............[ Action/RPG Protection.........[ Starforce 5.70+Steam+Custom INFORMATION Lead the revolution of the Orcs and Goblins! In a world at war, the vast Empire of

Guild Wars 2: Six Trap Ranger PvP Trick

This guide will teach you how to do the 6 Trap PvP Ranger Trick. It will allow you to lay first 3 regular traps, and then an additional 3 more.

Diablo 3: Act 3 Inferno Farming with less then 5M invested

One of the smartest things you can do for improving your farming output (and thereby generating more wealth in the Diablo 3 RMAH and gold Auction Houses) is to get your character up to the point where you can reliably

WoW: Dugi’s Gold and Auction House Guides

Dugi, is one of the most well known guide writers today. He easily comes in at a close second behind Zygor's both in the amount of guides sold as well as the speed at which the level cap is reached.

GW2: Speculation regarding the Haloween Event & Gold making

With the announcement that Black Lion Chests would contain Halloween skins for weapons the price of the chests jumped from 3c to nearly 40c, It has now settled to around 19c-22c. I know that some players had ridiculous quantities of

Rift: Overpowered Warrior Tank Build Void Knight-Paladin

Many things have changed with the recent patch. Mostly the builds and trees affect us however, as these affect the way we play. Before you wonder or ask, let me assure you that this build is overpowered in the amount

WoW: Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide – updated for MoP

This guide was originally written for for any would be gold farmer with little to no experience, on up to intermediate gold farmers wanting to get better at their skills. Since it was first created, it has sold thousands of

WoW: Upto 5000000 dps in Jade Forest exploit

This is an exploit which will give you multiple NPCs to follow you around, helping to kill allowing you to do exponential damage to creatures in the Jade Forest. Each time you do the exploit, it will grant you another

Recent Errors and Slow Downs

I would like to apologize for the recent slow downs and errors that this site has been plagued with. We were running out of space on our server due to daily backups of the database. The old backups have been