Daily Archives: 1 October 2012

WoW: Group Leveling Spot, 6.3 Million XP per hour, per toon

This spot allows you and a group of 2-4 friends to farm an endless set of mobs. You will need a ranged to pull them, a tank to aggro them, and then an AoE to take them down, however more

Orc Technology

Just had to share this one with you. In today's world, it's so hard to see how much technology has changed us, because it's so hard to remember "back when". However for those technology challenged, like our friend the orc,

WoW: Trillium and Ghost Iron Farming Spot

There is a nice cave in Kun-Lai Summit, which will allow you to farm mobs, while reaping Ghost Iron, Trillium, and Golden Lotus at the same time. If you circle the cave, killing the mobs inside, as you make your