Daily Archives: 2 October 2012

Guild Wars 2: Ascalon Catacombs Story Mode Boss Trick

This is a tricks which can be used on all the bosses in Ascalon Catacombs in Story Mode. It will give you added damage and even a knock-back to take down the bosses quicker.

MMO: The Game Econonomy, Bots, & Gold Farmers

I saw something which made me laugh. It was a botter who was complaining about gold farmers ruining the game economy. It really doesn't matter which game it was for because in reality, I am sure people complain about gold

Guild Wars 2: How to make up to 15 gold per hour TP flipping

With all the gold farmers making money by either botting or farming rare ingredients, prices are starting to drop. This is normal. The first month is usually the best month to make gold, and then after that more and more