Daily Archives: 9 October 2012

SWTOR: Reverse Engineer Crafted Items trick

This trick will allow you to buy a crafted item off the GTN or another player, so that you can Reverse Engineer and learn how to make them, without buying a schematic which is usually much more expensive. Of course

The Secret World: Changes are coming, revitalization?

Funcom have not had the best of luck with their latest MMO release, The Secret World, but their continuing to try new things to improve the games image among the MMO community. Suffering a pretty dreadful launch, followed by a

GW2: Seige Weapons and their role in PvP

Guild Wars 2 Siege Weapons are used by players in PvP battles and they are also environmental weapons. These weapons are fixed into their build location but for the exception of the Siege golems that are movable. These weapons are