Daily Archives: 10 October 2012

Aion: Guides Collection

Known for their expansive collection of guides, Killer Guides features many games including Aion. In this dosage of Aion goodness, you can find their complete class, leveling, crafting, and Kinah guides. You can either purchase the complete Killer Guides Aion

Rift: Storm Legion Live Preview via TwitchTV – Fri Oct 12

Preview Rift - Storm Legion on a Live stream on Friday Oct. 12 at 2:30pm PDT / 21:30 UTC  / 9:30 GMT Join us live this Friday for a preview of new dynamic content and questing coming to RIFT®! It’s

Guild Wars 2: Free to use Simple Event Pixel Bot

This bot was created to simply sit in an event area and tab to a mob, then attack it. It doesn't move, and it doesn't run around erratically. Additionally, it won't even loot. Most people won't even realize it's a