Daily Archives: 16 October 2012

WoW: How to get on top of buildings in Battlegrounds

This cheat will allow you to get on almost any rooftop, in battlegrounds. This is great when you have to cap a location, or to rain down AoE damage on top of people. However you won't be able to get

WoT: 3x XP for first win till 23 Oct 2012

In celebration of the 30th Annual Golden Joystick awards, World of Tanks is offering 3x exp for the first win of the day, instead of the normal 2x. This bonus exp will be offered daily until the 23rd of October

GW2: Mesmer PvE Leveling Build

The Mesmer is one of the more interesting Guild Wars 2 classes. It isn’t great for close combat and can’t take a ton of damage but it does well when played as a ranged build. Through the use of Illusions