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GW2: Making Gold with Tailor, Leatherworker, or Armorsmith

Some items will always sell better then others, and this is an example which is no different. EVERY character, for every profession, needs these items. But who is going to make them? You are!

Rift: Storm Legion Beta Preview

*WARNING SPOILERS* This video was presented as a Live Stream last Friday, and previews the upcoming RIFT: Storm Legion expansion. Here you can see the changes which will be upcoming to the game.

Lotro lookout: The RoR Launch edition

The Riders of Rohan expansion launched on October 15, 2012.  written and compiled by Tom Riddle Update 8, Riders of Rohan, Official (Official) Riders of Rohan Known Issues (Player created) Riders of Rohan Launch Day FAQs Some key "snippets" from