Daily Archives: 20 October 2012

WoW: Up to 8.6 Million Experience per hour tag farming

These mobs aren't insta-spawn, but they will respawn quickly enough for you to keep your XP per hour up. XP Per hour is based on a level 89 with full rested exp. At lower levels, the exp may be lower.

Tera Online: PvP Zerker – Stun equals 1 shot

When you buff and have a healer or two running with you, then a group of zerkers kick the crap out of enemies in PvP. Here's a video showing this party in action.

GW2: Farming Spot for Vials Of Powerful Blood

Farming spots are a great way to make gold in Guild Wars 2. This farming spot is fairly popular among farmers, which in this case is a good thing due to the amount of mobs and the strength of the