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Rift: Rogue Build – Solo PvE Leveling

Some of the recent changes, really pissed me off. It meant that my tried and true builds, didn't quite work anymore, and had to be rebuilt. It also meant I got to have a little fun on trying some new

WoW: Hallow’s End Gold Guide

Its that time again. Hallow's end is here for all the trick or treaters. Not much has changed this year. The weapons and gear are of ilvl 470 quality and the minimum level requirement is 89 to get into the

Guild Wars 2: Gold Guide – Flipping Exotic Sigils for profit

Playing with the GW2 trading post and the upgrade components sector of the market requires different tactics depending on what you're buying to flip profitably. But you can make very nice profits in this part of the Guild Wars 2

WoW: Up to 8.6 Million Experience per hour tag farming

These mobs aren't insta-spawn, but they will respawn quickly enough for you to keep your XP per hour up. XP Per hour is based on a level 89 with full rested exp. At lower levels, the exp may be lower.

Tera Online: PvP Zerker – Stun equals 1 shot

When you buff and have a healer or two running with you, then a group of zerkers kick the crap out of enemies in PvP. Here's a video showing this party in action.

GW2: Farming Spot for Vials Of Powerful Blood

Farming spots are a great way to make gold in Guild Wars 2. This farming spot is fairly popular among farmers, which in this case is a good thing due to the amount of mobs and the strength of the

League of Legends: In-depth video guide to Ashe

This video guide for Ashe will teach you the strengths and weaknesses of playing this character, as well as tips and tricks which should help you to master this character easier.

Rift: Taking Player Housing to a New Dimension

Here are the videos which will show you exactly why Rift's Player Housing  feature is so amazing. even gives Rift rave reviews for it's ingenious take on giving the players what they want. To learn more about this new

Rift: Rogue Tank Build 44 Riftstalker, 22 Bladedancer, 0 Saboteur

Well, things have changed, to say the least. We now have 61 points and some new talents to play with. But really I am a bit miffed to have to re-engineer my Tank build. Instead of going with the build

World of Tanks: The Cliff South – Artillery Hiding Spot

First off, this hiding spot is amazing. Not only did a TD pass me by, but I was also able to avoid being murderized by a nearby Heavy, because at the end of the battle there was no one left

League of Legends: How to Counter Ezreal video tutorial

Ezreal is everywhere. Or rather he's in everyone's game, and seems to be an overpowered little twat. Here, you will learn exactly how to counter this hero each and every time.

Rift: Dual Wielding Quick Tip

If you are a rogue, or any other class which has the ability to wield 2 weapons, we highly suggest having a something like a dagger and mace, sword, or axe. This will allow you to place points in the

GW2: Making Gold with Tailor, Leatherworker, or Armorsmith

Some items will always sell better then others, and this is an example which is no different. EVERY character, for every profession, needs these items. But who is going to make them? You are!

Rift: Storm Legion Beta Preview

*WARNING SPOILERS* This video was presented as a Live Stream last Friday, and previews the upcoming RIFT: Storm Legion expansion. Here you can see the changes which will be upcoming to the game.

Lotro lookout: The RoR Launch edition

The Riders of Rohan expansion launched on October 15, 2012.  written and compiled by Tom Riddle Update 8, Riders of Rohan, Official (Official) Riders of Rohan Known Issues (Player created) Riders of Rohan Launch Day FAQs Some key "snippets" from

WoW: How to get on top of buildings in Battlegrounds

This cheat will allow you to get on almost any rooftop, in battlegrounds. This is great when you have to cap a location, or to rain down AoE damage on top of people. However you won't be able to get

WoT: 3x XP for first win till 23 Oct 2012

In celebration of the 30th Annual Golden Joystick awards, World of Tanks is offering 3x exp for the first win of the day, instead of the normal 2x. This bonus exp will be offered daily until the 23rd of October

GW2: Mesmer PvE Leveling Build

The Mesmer is one of the more interesting Guild Wars 2 classes. It isn’t great for close combat and can’t take a ton of damage but it does well when played as a ranged build. Through the use of Illusions

Diablo 3: Gold Secrets Guide

This is the main portion of the guide, and has been recently updated since 1.05. This covers everything from fees, to playing the market, including what to watch for, "the math", values, and different strategies for playing the gold and

WoW: Pandaren Neutral Faction exploit

So it seems there is an exploit which will allow you to create a character and not actually choose a faction, meaning you are neither horde nor alliance. Benefits? Use either Horde or Alliance Auction House Raid both factions Help