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Planetside 2: 300-500 Certs per hour Cheat

If you boost experience then you can probably in theory can earn 800 certs per hour versus the 300-500. The concept is very easy. You and a couple friends (or one super fast computer running 3 instances with Sandboxie), kill

Black Ops 2: Beginners Weapons Guide and Tips

A Black Ops 2 weapons guide that will give you some tips for online gameplay when you are trying to create the perfect class and pick the best weapons. Of course what it really comes down to is practice and

Guild Wars 2: Engineer Class Guide

The Engineer is one of the most sophisticated and diverse classes. Once mastered, however,  one can dominate the fields of battle. Engineers use different kits for firepower along with turrets. Armed with mines, bombs and grenades, they make for the

Guild Wars 2: GW2 Minion Finally Released

We hear complaints about bots like crazy. Everyone who plays has been complaining about them. The follow the same path over an over, and don't even look "human". One of them works so amazingly well, that it blows the competition

WoW: MoP Ore Shuffling Spreadsheet

A couple days ago, we released a Cooking Shuffle spreadsheet to help you calculate costs and profits. This one is for Ore and Glyphs, allowing you to do shuffling in order to maximize your profits creating with Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting

Halo 4: Beginner’s Guide to Playing Competatively

Want to play great Halo 4? Showing players how to improve their game can be an experience. I’ll admit that when it comes to competitive play: I’m not that good  because I don’t have the reaction time that I used

World of Tanks: My Little Pony Tank Mod

I don't actually use many mods for World of Tanks. I have found that one which shows icons, depicting what tier and tank type is usually all I need. I even prefer the standard sight's, since they show reload times

Dragon Nest T4: Pikachu’s PvE Cleric Priest Saint Build

The is a saint build, is a PVE support base. It builds on the following classes: Cleric, Priest, and Saint. Generally, the damaging skills are more sp efficient at level 6, 11, 16 and 21.

EVE: Free Limited Edition, Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst Ship

Raptr is now giving away a free Limited Edition, Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst ship to "experienced" players. How do you become experienced? By playing EVE while the Raptr client is running in the background, and you are logged into it.

SWTOR: Ancient Hypergate Preview

Ancient Hybergate is a bit unique in that players must kill the opposing team members in order to harvest enough power to open the Gree hypergates, allowing their reinforcements to be transported to the area. The trick though, is that

World of Warcraft: 4 MoP Foods to turn a gold profit

There are 4 great MOP foods that can be created and sold for a nice gold profit.  Even though there are many new recipes for MOP, I found 4 that were the most profitable in my realm, which means they

MMO Gaming: The Importance of Security 2012 edition

Blizzard is being sued. They are being sued, because someone figured out that maybe Blizzard isn't upping their security because they want to use it to sell Authenticators, which is described as a hidden cost. It doesn't matter that someone

GW2: Avoid Losing Gold at the Trading Post

A mistake that many players do when going at the trading post is selling low priced items and materials. Although the Trading Post doesn’t allow the buyers to post offers for an item under their default selling price at a

WoW: Ironpaw Tokens & Cooking Materials Shuffling Spreadsheet

All you have to do is type in the prices (in the yellow boxes) for your Auction House & it should calculate where any profitable conversions are. To use it, just choose the cooking material you have from column A

Video: TWIMMO discusses FFXIV 2.0, Planetside 2, SWTOR F2P, 8y of WoW

Can Final Fantasy XIV pick itself up off the carpet and still be relevant, two years after its rocky launch? The TWIMMO crew of Gary Gannon, Hillary “Pokket” Nicole, and Jason Winter talk about the game’s prospects, framed around some

WoW: Corner the Market, Make Lots of Gold

This item you are going to be selling, isn't provided much in game. That's not to say that it couldn't be or that there is no demand. On the contrary, there is a high demand, but few people are actually

Guild Wars 2: Farming with Magic Find in Cursed Shore (Orr)

People have been farming the Orr area for quite some time in search for good drops they can turn into gold. Most players solo the area with inadequate gear. So how can you farm best this area and have at

Thank You for 11 Great Years

It's hard to believe, but mmoexploiters started up 11 years ago. As a special thank you, we have discounted our regularly priced subscriptions and opened up the limited 5 year subscription. Prices during this special are as follows: 5 Years

World of Tanks: Credits Farming Tip

Sometimes, after you have gathered enough experience, it still takes you a while to get the next tank, because you are shy credits. This quick tip may help you. I have found that I am able to farm credits faster in

Diablo 3: Buy and Sell gold for Real Money alternative method

Yesterday, we talked about selling WoW Twink items for real money, and the different ranges for the items. Maybe some of you used the guide, maybe some of you were looking for a way to make some money in a