Daily Archives: 1 November 2012

WoW: Guide Updates – Edge, Booster, Manacore, Tycoon, Impulse

Just got an update for our fans here of the following guide addons for WoW; Gold Tycoon, Manacore, Impulse, Edge, and Booster. Includes leveling, macros, gold, talent builds, etc. This is the suite of tools, which covers everything you could

Rift: Player Dimensions Explained (player housing upgrade)

First off, I finally got around to actually watching this, I have been a bit swamped to say the least. I want to give some kudos to the Rift Development team on what they have been doing with Rift, and

WoW: Confirmed working Gold-Item Dupe Bug

First off, some people are reporting this works, and in fact we have multiple sources confirming it works. Unfortunately, the method doesn't work everytime. You will need to work with a friend or 2 to help you do it, and