Daily Archives: 5 November 2012

Diablo 3: Barbarian Wrath of the Berserker-Insanity Exploit

I can't get into too much about this, as doing so will allow some to figure this out, and possibly get it fixed. However let me state that it's possible to do double damage via the Barbarian's Wrath of the

Elder Scrolls Online Factions & Races

Elder Scrolls Online is fast approaching, and this game more then any other is expected to be huge. This is in part because of the huge following it already has on PC and Console games alike. While little is actually

Secret World: Fist/Shotgun healing build for Nightmare Runs

I just realized, I haven't put up any builds in a while for Secret World, so will try to rectify that a little bit. Con’s Fist/Shotgun healing build This build is very useful for nightmare runs like Polaris or others