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Diablo 3: Level 1-60 in under 5 hours technique

Most people these days have their own methods to level, taking as much as 12-36 hours to level 60. This technique reduces it to under 5 hours, with our own tests taking about 4.5 hours on a witch doctor. Note:

Warning: Do you use Opera Browser on Mac, Windows, or Linux?

It turns out there is a vulnerability, which can easily be remedied with a little tweak of your settings. If you don't do it, then it's possible that someone can do an XSS attack and steal your cookies - which

WoW: Making Gold with Felsteel Stabilizers tip

Felsteel Stabilizers are used in many different recipes, but there's usually no one selling these. If there is, the price is usually skyhigh, even though these are dirt cheap to make! The same goes with Felsteel Bars which are the