Daily Archives: 9 November 2012

GW2: Gold Profiteering from Cooking Feasts

Gw2 Profiteering is all about finding a demand for an item that does not have sufficient supply, then supplying that item by crafting it. Today I’m going to show you how to make some gold cooking Gw2 Feasts.

Borderlands 2: Graveyard Virus affects XBox360 and PC Gamers

Gearbox has given official words about the virus called "Graveyard" which is affecting PC and Xbox 360 players, as they have stated that PS3 players are unaffected by this threat.

WoW: 4k Gold per hour farming spot

WoW Gold is getting harder and harder to supply, and my friends at a competing gold site told me that it took them 3 days to farm up 5k gold for a customer, when their normal suppliers dropped off the