Daily Archives: 10 November 2012

MWO: How to Play MechWarrior Online

Did you ever run around outside pretending to be a superhero? Perhaps "flying" around with your arms raised up and a blanket around your neck? I did that, too... but I also played "Mechwarrior" with my friends. We would run

News: Adobe Reader 0-Day exploit found – Trojan Dropper

In what might well become a dangerous exploit to have on hand, a group out of Russia called Group-IB have claimed to have found a 0-day (pre-release) exploit which could turn Adobe Reader into a Trojan Dropper. The bad part

Call of Duty – Black Ops 2: Multiplayer: Tips for New Players

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is only just around the corner. From the multiplayer gameplay, which has already been released, I have formulated some great tips for new players. Black Ops 2 like the other Call of Duty games