Daily Archives: 11 November 2012

GW2: High Burst DPS Warrior Build

One of the most important things to focus on in gametypes such as PvP and WvW in Guild Wars 2 is your damage output, at least if you’re playing as a Warrior anyway. When you get in tight spaces and

ESO: 10 Things we want to know about the game

During the past couple of weeks a load of information concerning The Elder Scrolls Online was released by a few MMO guild and news sites after being granted a hands-on preview of the title. These sites reported on all aspects

GW2: Buy Low, Sell High with a twist – Runes and Sigils

Sometimes, you can find Runes and Sigils, cheaper then what they normally sell for, with this little trick. It's these Runes and Sigils, that we are going to look for in this strategy, in the hopes of making a profit.