Daily Archives: 19 November 2012

Black Ops 2: Zombie Glitches and Cheats

Sometimes you need a little help to survive the oncoming waves of zombies, and this guide on the various glitches and cheats will help. We recommend using these in the later rounds, so as not to ruin the experience for

World of Tanks: The British are coming! British Tanks Arrive

In a move which brings more tanks into play, Wargaming has brought in British Medium and Heavy tanks, with more on the way (TD's and SPG's). The most disconcerting thing about the bringing of these tanks, is that the Valentine

GW2: Updated 1-400 Cooking Guide

You might have realized by now that having your professions max leveled is a must, especially cooking which is one of the most helpful professions from the game. Why is that? Because cooking never ages: its consumables are always of