Daily Archives: 27 November 2012

Dragon Nest T4: Pikachu’s PvE Cleric Priest Saint Build

The is a saint build, is a PVE support base. It builds on the following classes: Cleric, Priest, and Saint. Generally, the damaging skills are more sp efficient at level 6, 11, 16 and 21.

EVE: Free Limited Edition, Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst Ship

Raptr is now giving away a free Limited Edition, Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst ship to "experienced" players. How do you become experienced? By playing EVE while the Raptr client is running in the background, and you are logged into it.

SWTOR: Ancient Hypergate Preview

Ancient Hybergate is a bit unique in that players must kill the opposing team members in order to harvest enough power to open the Gree hypergates, allowing their reinforcements to be transported to the area. The trick though, is that