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Black Ops 2: How To Build Zombie Shield in Tranzit

The zombie shield in CoD Black Ops 2 is a useful tool for protecting yourself against zombie attacks. It has limited durability unfortunately, and you don’t earn any points, but it can still take a fair amount of punishment. 

World of Warcraft: Twink Items to Sell for Real Money

There are a ton of Twink items which will sell for a lot of gold, but there are also a few of them which can be sold for real life cash. These are items we recommend that you keep your

Black Ops 2: How to build a Pack-A-Punch Machine in Tranzit

If you intend to get around in Tranzit, you’re going to need a Pack-A-Punch machine. It will power-up your weapons to help you survive the zombie hordes which are intent in turning you into one of their masses... or eating

MechWarrior Online: First Impressions

So while I have had beta access for a few weeks now, I had yet to actually play Mechwarrior Online. I liken it to World of Tanks, but with Legs. My first game, went relatively ok, the hardest part was

Dungeon Scroll APK Download for Android

I admit it, I like word games, and Words with Friends is one of my favorites. But I also like MMOs, and when I came across something that mixed both of them, I had to try it out. Dungeon Scroll

Diablo 3: Dead Man’s Legacy creation tips

Dead Man's Legacy is a weapon, that with a little bit of research, will allow us to make a bit of cash or D3 gold on, depending on where our market is. Let's get started with a quick and dirty

Black Ops 2: Zombies Nuketown Survival Guide

What makes Nuketown different from the other zombie Survival Maps (Green Run maps) is that the bonuses (Perk machines and Pack-a-Punch) have a slightly different mechanism of existence – they don’t occupy specific regions of the map. Instead, they randomly

Black Ops 2: Zombie Glitches and Cheats

Sometimes you need a little help to survive the oncoming waves of zombies, and this guide on the various glitches and cheats will help. We recommend using these in the later rounds, so as not to ruin the experience for

World of Tanks: The British are coming! British Tanks Arrive

In a move which brings more tanks into play, Wargaming has brought in British Medium and Heavy tanks, with more on the way (TD's and SPG's). The most disconcerting thing about the bringing of these tanks, is that the Valentine

GW2: Updated 1-400 Cooking Guide

You might have realized by now that having your professions max leveled is a must, especially cooking which is one of the most helpful professions from the game. Why is that? Because cooking never ages: its consumables are always of

Rift: Tower of the Shattered (Expert) Boss Info

Knowing the bosses, will help you to clear this dungeon faster, then just guessing. Now I have to admit, some dungeons, I have just guessed at when playing DPS, but this is in part, so I can learn what needs

Torchlight 2: Game Trainer – Unlimited Health Mana + 8 more

This is a game trainer, which will provide you with 10 different game hacks for Torchlight 2. Torchlight 2 Game Hacks; Unlimited Health Unlimited Mana + 500k Gold Max Agility Max Energy Max Stamina Max Concentration Add Points Add Skill

Raptr Cheat – Build up 24 hours a day of play time

The chances of me getting that Spindrel mount in Rift via Raptr are kind of slim at this point, but the fact that I figured out how to get all 24 hours worth of play time, while not even playing,

Guild Wars 2: Warrior High DPS Build for PvP and PvE

A week or so ago we posted a pretty useful Warrior leveling build that was made for progressing through PvE. Today, we’re going to give GW2 players another build for the Warrior but this one can be used in either

GW2 Gold Farming Tips

Farming gold in Guild Wars 2 is one of the most difficult things to do, if you aren't VERY familiar with the game. Unlike other MMOs, ArenaNet discourages GW2 Gold farming. Many players made plenty of coin when the game

Rift: Storm Legion Information Sheet

Everything you need to know right now, to start exploring the new Rift Expansion, Storm Legion. We teach you about how to get to the new zones, which maps to level on, how to get to Tembest Bay (TB), 7

GW2: Farming Jute Scraps, to make Gold

Jute scraps are one of the most common materials used for crafting in a few different crafting professions in Guild Wars 2 including Armorsmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring. It is also one of the most commonly purchased items on the Trading

Get Rift full game + 30 days or Storm Legion items for Free

A buddy of mine pointed this out to me, said he got Rift for free using this offer. It wasn't just one of those survey scams which deluge you with emails, or make you buy something, but rather a full

Guild Wars 2: Elementalist Build for Leveling & PVE

The Elementalist is one of the most versatile yet difficult to master classes in Guild Wars 2. It is often not recommended for new players simply because with this class you have to master switching attunements often to get the

Rift: Storm Legion Expansion Now Live

Level 60 New land mass New dungeons New PvP map New Soul Trees Player Housing ... New bugs... builds... and login queues? Yup, login queues. I was sitting here stuck at the loading screen for the game, waiting to get

Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Unlimited Health – Game Trainer

This small app is meant to be used in single player mode on PC versions of Call of Duty Black Ops II. This trainer (or game hack) will allow you to give yourself Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo on Main Weapon,