Daily Archives: 4 December 2012

2012 Holiday Special: Do you use a VPN to Play MMO’s?

If you play MMO's over a VPN, then you are going to be interested in this deal. Why would you use a VPN to play MMO's? Account Security! Some players play at coffee shops, cyber cafe's, McDonalds, hotels/motels, foreign countries,

D3: Gold is Cheap, here’s how to keep making money

I tried to warn everyone I knew back when D3 was new, that the gold would hit the floor, then the basement floor, and finally it would be worth pretty much nothing eventually. For people who want to make money

WoW: Farm Golden Lotus faster, cheaper

There's been some grumbling recently about one of the unexpected surprise 5.1 changes - that you only receive 2 Golden Lotus in exchange for a Spirit of Harmony now, instead of 3.  I get where people are coming from. It