GW2: Complete List of Emotes

Emotes have always been a popular addition to any MMO game, and Guild Wars 2 is no different. They allow players to express themselves and be creative with their characters while they’re just hanging out and talking with other players. GW2 has it's own set of emotes available for players to use. Below you will find a list of the commands for each emote along with a preview of what the emote actually makes your in-game character do. Scrolling to the end, you will also find a video showing them in action. Continue reading "GW2: Complete List of Emotes"

D3: Guide to Speed Leveling – Using Enhancements

My powerlevelers can level by hand, 1-60 within 2 days (24 hours played time, or less, depending on class). Want to know how they do it? Read this guide to learn some of our secrets! Today, we teach you about some enhancements which will allow you to level faster then someone who doesn't know this trick. Continue reading "D3: Guide to Speed Leveling – Using Enhancements"