Daily Archives: 9 December 2012

Farcry 3: Rare Animals Locations and Killing Weapon video guide

Rare animals can be found during “Path of the Hunter” Quests. To play these Quests you need to liberate Outposts first. The spawn area of the animals will be shown during the Quests. You can see a red “Rare” stamp

Elder Scrolls Dragonborn Unofficial Song

Yesterday, as I was searching for an image to go on this morning's post, I came across a song which someone made, in anticipation of the expansion. It's actually pretty amazing in sound quality and craftsmanship, that I thought it

Elder Scrolls Skyrim – Dragonborn: Weapon and Armor Crafting Recipes

Many RPG's and MMO's have a common experience in this way - they both allow crafting of weapons and armor, to improve your character's survivability. Sometimes it's in the form of weapons and armor, sometimes in other ways like potions