GW2: Farming for Gold – Vial of Thick Blood

One of the best ways to make GW2 gold, is farming rare craft materials to sell on the trading post. Even better is when you know a farming spot that has an event or events nearby which you can repeat every time it pops for more gold and experience/karma. Continue reading "GW2: Farming for Gold – Vial of Thick Blood"

Tool: Teamviewer – SWTOR in the Whitehouse


Someone took some pictures in the Whitehouse, showing the person playing SWTOR on their iPhone. Now mind you, playing anything via Teamviewer is laggy at best, I mean we're talking 3-5FPS if you're lucky. But it can be used to do some basic things, such as check mail, auctions, and chat with friends, do your tradeskills, and other simple tasks via your iPhone or Android, etc., without the use of a specialized program for whichever game you're playing. Continue reading "Tool: Teamviewer – SWTOR in the Whitehouse"