Diablo 3 Banwave

Have you botted, even in the past? Oops. Seems like Blizzard has been tracking you, for some time now. Reports are now flooding in, that Demonbuddy and D3 Mimic users are now receiving massive bans. This goes for peeps who only played a few hours a day, to those who played them 12+ hours a day. In other words, you've been caught, and it's time to accept the consequences.

On the other hand, if you happen to have some mule accounts, loaded with billions of gold and rare items... profit is to be made here. I don't know if affected accounts have had their auctions taken down, but we can expect bots to be down for at least the next week or so, while they try to figure out how they got caught.

If you were thinking of using a bot on your account... don't.

Memory Hacking Tool: DLL Injector

In order to make hacks for games, you have to edit the memory of the game in some way. For some games, you even have to copy the game to an unprotected memory location (as with Blizzard games). However this tool doesn't do that. It will allow you to inject a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) into the memory of a game, thus allowing you to use a hack. Often, hacks are distributed as DLL's, which makes this an essential tool. Continue reading "Memory Hacking Tool: DLL Injector"

COD Black Ops 2: Controling B Domination point strategy

This guide is primarily designed around controlling the B domination point. Let’s face it; if you aren’t controlling B, you’re not having a good time. Most likely you are trapped in your A or C dom base. To avoid that terrible situation, you have to take matters into your own hands. Here’s how to do that. Continue reading "COD Black Ops 2: Controling B Domination point strategy"

WoW: Battle Pet Leveling Exploit 1-25 in < 60 Minutes

You get awesome pet-xp from defeating pet trainers if you make one attack with the pet you're leveling (more xp if you kill a pet with it). But this isn't the exploit. The exploit, will allow you to gain 5.5k exp every win - and it's repeatable! Continue reading "WoW: Battle Pet Leveling Exploit 1-25 in < 60 Minutes"

Black Ops 2 Hack: 1-Shot, Unlimited Ammo, Grenades, Health

This game hack will work with Call of Duty's Black Ops 2 v1 and v1.2. It works on both the Steam version and the Skidrow's version for offline play.

It provides the following game hacks;

  • Unlimited Ammo & Grenades
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Health (and ability to turn off the hit indicator)
  • Easy Kill (1-shot)
  • No Recoil
  • Easy Save and Restore game

Trion Announces Layoffs

In a not quite unexpected move, Trion has announced there will be some layoffs. With the job market being just about nil, as well as the economy being in a down cycle, plus Christmas around the corner... it kinda sucks. But like I said not quite unexpected. I have long believed that Trion would make Rift Free-2-Play, and am actually kind of surprised they haven't as of yet. I do not know the amount of subscribers, but every month it seems like a shard gets closed, and we have one less to play on. With this in mind, I wonder how long it will be before they follow one of the F2P models out there. They have done wonders for other games.

Defiance looks like an awesome idea, SyFy is on board, Trion is set to release... but of course Micro$oft and S0E don't like the idea of working with each other, so there are issues. But imagine a game where you play on your PC, a buddy plays on their XBox360, and another on their PS3. That's what Trion is trying to orchestrate. Now add in the element of a TVShow which dramatically affects the online play, and that's Defiance... Defying all the gaming type systems out there, to bring about a new immersive game-play.

End of Nations is kind of what StarCraft 2, should always have been, at least as far as multi-player goes.

When it comes down to it, from what we can see, Trion is strong... but to be honest we can't really "see" since it's a private company and in no way needs to share the information on subscribers, profits, or even losses.

Click for more info on the what Trion has going on...

Torchlight 2: 1 Shot, Health, Mana, Speed, Level, Gold hacks

This game hack/Trainer is for Torchlight 2. It does work with Windows 8, 64 bit. It's for the Steam or Retail version It will do the following hacks;

Numpad 0 - Unlimited Health
Numpad 1 - Unlimited Mana
Numpad 2 - Quick level rise
Numpad 3  -  100 Skill points  - Activate the respective option and change to the state bzw. Goto Skill points award menu to see the effect.
Numpad 4 - 100 State points  - Activate the respective option and change to the state bzw. Goto Skill points award menu to see the effect.
Numpad 5 - 500,000 gold  - Enable the option and change to the inventory menu to fill your purse
Numpad 6 - 1 Shot any mob
Numpad 7 - Speed Hack - Your hero can run much faster than normal, good to quickly get through dungeons
Numpad 8 - Faster running * Disable

See nfo file for more information.

WoW: Buy Battle Pets on one Server, sell on another $$

There are a set of rare battle pets which can be purchased on one server, and sold on another for profit. Sometimes those are bought for 100-200 gold, and sold for 25k-75k gold. Now if you consider the retail price for gold (source: mmogoldsales.com) is around $1.10 to $1.16 per k, this then means that with the $25 transfer fee you can make upto $60 per pet (this takes into consideration a bit invested in buying some gold on the purchase server).

So what are the pets which are bought and sold on various servers which have the most swing?

D3 Pro Speed Leveling Tip: Buy Higher Level Weapons

Even professional power-levelers have their secrets on leveling, and we at mmogoldsales.com are no different. By hand we can level 1-60 in 24 hours played time, and this is done with no cheats. Today I am going to share another one of our secrets which makes leveling in this game faster.

Note: This is a strategy, not a cheat. You won't be banned for this. Continue reading "D3 Pro Speed Leveling Tip: Buy Higher Level Weapons"

Far Cry 3: Seven Must Know Survival Tips

Far Cry 3 should be on any FPS fan’s Christmas list. The tropical location is fraught with danger, so you’ll want to take note of these 7 handy survival tips, allows you to enjoy the game to its maximum potential. Feel free to add in your own tips in the comments section or anything cool you may have come across in the game. Continue reading "Far Cry 3: Seven Must Know Survival Tips"

LOTRO: One Ring Parody Music Video of One Thing

Lord of the Rings fans rejoice! It's time for a special parody in which Warpzone brings One Direction's "One Thing", into a new era of coolness. This parody entitled "One Ring" is rewritten to give us a different look at the Lord of the Rings movies and books. Continue reading "LOTRO: One Ring Parody Music Video of One Thing"

League of Legends: First Blood with Blitzcrank in Bot Game

If you pick Blitzcrank in a bot game, you can easily get guaranteed first blood. For anyone who doesn't know how bot games work, the bots sit at the fountain inactive until the first minion spawn wave, at which time, they go to their respective lanes. Continue reading "League of Legends: First Blood with Blitzcrank in Bot Game"

The Secret World: Subscription Optional model (F2P)


In a move, much like Guild Wars 2, The Secret World will now have a optional subscription to the game. This means that to access most of the content, you can purchase the game and play for free. Periodically you can purchase a content expansion pack (next one will be released Jan 2013). This will give you some new content about every 1-3 months which will cost around $5 and be considered optional. You will have all the expansions upto this point if you purchase it via Funcom's Store, it will run you $30. Optionally, you can get The Secret World via Amazon for $22-$26. Continue reading "The Secret World: Subscription Optional model (F2P)"

WoW: 1-Shot in Battlegrounds or Arena as Warlock

This exploit requires a Warlock with Engineering. It will allow you to 1-shot any enemy, could also be used in Dueling, but wasn't tested in this application. Almost any mob can be downed with this cheat - except boss mobs.

Diablo 3: Speed Leveling Tip – DPS

Remember the last 2 tips I gave you to speed leveling (Questing & Enhancements)? I gave you them, in part because, we can level from 1-60 by hand so quickly now, it doesn't hurt to share with you some of how we do it. I mean it's so simple, you don't even need a bot to do it.

This 3rd tip encompasses DPS, and what you need to know about this stat, and how it applies to your character. We cover which stats besides DPS you should look for as well as some other information you should know. Continue reading "Diablo 3: Speed Leveling Tip – DPS"

Elder Scrolls Online: Video Intro

Elder Scrolls Online, has been one of the titles I have been looking forward to for a long time. Back in Elder Scrolls 2, I knew that would be an awesome MMO franchise. Looking at it now, I am glad they waited, to bring the highest quality graphix out. Here's an intro video, showing what we can expect to see in Elder Scrolls Online. Continue reading "Elder Scrolls Online: Video Intro"

WoW: Enginneering Mount more profitable then ever

Engineers still have some old gems in their crafting book, some of these are even more profitable today than they were years ago. There's always profit involved, no matter what realm you are playing on. If no one else is selling these, expect to get at least 1000 gold profit per mount. Continue reading "WoW: Enginneering Mount more profitable then ever"

Black Ops 2 Complete Achievement List

BO2 Achievement List

With every new release of BO2, comes a whole new set of achievements to unlock and rack up gamer-score from. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 gives players the chance to complete 50 different achievements to obtain a total value of 1,000 points toward their overall gamer-score. Most BO2 achievements have to be completed during the campaign portion of the game. There are, however, a select few that will require online multiplayer play as well. Continue reading "Black Ops 2 Complete Achievement List"

Skyrim-Dragonborn: How to get the new Dragon Aspect shout

There is one shout in particular that is worth notice, and that is the all-new Dragon Aspect shout. A shout is kind of like a war cry, in which it offers a buff for a time, to increase your armor, weapon damage, and increases the effect of other shouts. Continue reading "Skyrim-Dragonborn: How to get the new Dragon Aspect shout"

Free Today Only! Video Record Software, no loss of FPS

For showing off slick new tricks or proving you really can take down The Boss with one shot, nothing shows it better than video. Before PlayClaw no other option worked well with modern games, because cutting edge games try to hog every ounce of your PC’s power leaving few resources for other applications. Most game video capture software, if you can use it during a game at all, will slow your PC to a crawl. PlayClaw is different, making full use of any multi-core processors utilizing lean code designed specifically for resource hungry games! Continue reading "Free Today Only! Video Record Software, no loss of FPS"