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Path of Exile: Progression Map

Whats the name of the next zone? Where do I go to get to that place? What's the name of the zone after the one I am on? Those are some of the questions which this Path of Exile Progression

Path of Exile: Pre-Determine what you get when you vendor

When you sell your stuff to the vendor, depending on what you put in the window, can determine what you are given in return. I bet you thought it was all random, right? I saw a glimpse of this when

Path of Exile – Cheat Death in Hardcore mode

When you die in Hardcore, it's permanent. In other words, when you die, you just lost all the items on your character, all the stat boosts, and all the time you put into leveling it. This cheat is going to

Path of Exile: Fastest way to level

Unfortunately, with random disconnects plaguing this game, leveling up is difficult at best. However there is still a faster way to level, and that's what we will be telling you about today.

WoW: Working FishBot – MrFishIt

For some reason, between the demise of PiroXbot and others not being updated it seems that many FishBots out there no longer work, or worse are infected with keyloggers. Well, this Fish Bot does work, and without any bad crap

POE: Save your Town Teleport Scroll trick

If you are short on funds and don't want to run all the way back to town because you don't have a Teleport Scroll, or because you want to save them, you can do just that with this little trick.

WoW: Level a Guild 1-25 AFK in 1-2 weeks

This "cheat" is done with a macro recorder and will be using automated actions. You will need at least 2 WoW accounts, however this can be done cheaply enough, using this trick to purchase WoW for $5.

WoW: Windwool Cloth farming location for Mages

Really, you could farm this location with any class, but there is a trick which makes it extremely easy for mages in particular. You will be able to farm Windwool Cloth among other items of particular note. The trick is

Forsaken World: How to obtain Soul Leaves guide

Soul leaves are the equivalent of the soul coins in Forsaken World. Just like soul coins, which are bound to the player and can't be traded nor the items bought with them, soul leaves are bound to that player and

Guild Wars 2: Download and Play without costing you money!

When it the comes to value for your money Guild Wars 2 is simply the best. You get so much quests, play time, pvp and amazing exploring in the huge world of Tyria and you get it all for a

WoW: Kill Nal’Lak the Ripper quickly trick

Nal'lak the Ripper, a Mantid rare, can be found in Valley of the Four Winds, and can be difficult to solo due to it's 3 hard to counter spell abilities and it's higher health. However there is a trick to

League of Legends: Mid Lane Champion Guide

In League of Legends, the mid lane refers the the middle lane which is located in the middle of the map. The middle lane is usually one where Ap champions and some Ad champions duel it out. Thus, because of

WoW: Arena or BG exploit for Mages – Invisible Ring of Frost

This is actually a neat little trick to pull on someone with your mage, which will set an invisible Ring of Frost for someone to trip on unknowingly. When they hit it, instant freeze dried! Of course you might have

PoE: Tips for Noobs and D3 Veterans alike

What Class Should I Play What class is best in Path of Exile? Based on the way the game works, any class will do fine. There are a total of six classes divided between the game's three stats of Strength,

ESO: Elder Scrolls Online Seeking Beta Testers

Most likely the beta testers they are seeking will be for stress testing the servers, but possibly to get people interested in the game. Since it's a bit of an open call for beta testers think of it as limited

WoW: 40k DPS pet in Pandaria for non-hunters

This won't work just anywhere, but it will using an exploit give you a pet which you can use to kill others or mobs. There is a way to bug "Garrosh Hellscream" to help you kill your soon to be

World of Warcraft Shadow Bot 3-Day Free Weekend!

Hey Everyone, this Friday through Sunday, you will be able to use Shadow Bot free to try out. Why should you use Shadow Bot? Well for one, it's completely undetectable. It also doesn't hook nor inject to the WoW process

WoW-EU: How to never lose ratings in a Rated BG again!

For EU players you will never lose ratings in an RBG if you use this exploit. This has been confirmed with multiple people and accounts. Sorry, this does NOT work for US players. There might be a work-around, but if

League of Legends: How to kill Dragon taking no damage trick

To do this cheat, you will need 1 (or more) friend. It's a trick of alternating attacks, so that the dragon can target neither of you to get an attack in, on your champion.

GW2: Maximize Magic Find via Food, Boosts, & Gear

If you’re serious about grinding in Guild Wars 2 then you need to consider getting some Magic Find boost on your character. Magic find will greatly increase the chance of rare loot to be found in the mobs that you

League of Legends: Jungler Guide

Picking a Jungler First off you need to find which champion you are most familiar or is compatible with you teammates. Here are a few good junglers. I recommend them to everyone, I like them a lot since they are