Daily Archives: 19 January 2013

WoW: Turn Soulbound items into BOE to sell via AH

This uses a restoration request from a GM, when you "accidentally" sell an item. You need a GM to help you to do the exploit, to unbind soulbound items. So assume for a moment that you were to take Shadowfang,

WoW: Fully Automated Leveling Bot – No Detection – Shadow Bot

What is Shadow Bot? ShadowBot is from the makers of PocketGnome, a Mac only WoW leveling bot. Instead of making a bot which hooks WoW, has to copy to memory and basically bypass Warden, Shadowbot is a more passive approach.

WoW: Holy Priest Resurrection in Arenas with Full Mana cheat

Imagine dying and then being brought back to life fully healed. This is the exploit which can be used in Arenas. In order to do this, your Holy Priest will need to be about to die, and you will need