Daily Archives: 24 January 2013

World of Warcraft Shadow Bot 3-Day Free Weekend!

Hey Everyone, this Friday through Sunday, you will be able to use Shadow Bot free to try out. Why should you use Shadow Bot? Well for one, it's completely undetectable. It also doesn't hook nor inject to the WoW process

WoW-EU: How to never lose ratings in a Rated BG again!

For EU players you will never lose ratings in an RBG if you use this exploit. This has been confirmed with multiple people and accounts. Sorry, this does NOT work for US players. There might be a work-around, but if

League of Legends: How to kill Dragon taking no damage trick

To do this cheat, you will need 1 (or more) friend. It's a trick of alternating attacks, so that the dragon can target neither of you to get an attack in, on your champion.