Daily Archives: 2 February 2013

WoW: Level 83-85 Blue and Green item Farming with Rapid Respawn

This is a spot where you can get some of the highest drop rates of MoP Blues and Greens, on rapid respawn timers, which means you will be able to farm items very quickly.

Bring back the Windows Start Bar – Save 10% With Stardock

If you like the way Windows changed with Windows 8, more power to you. Personally, I hate the interface. I hate that you can't goto the Start bar. I hate that it's so damned difficult to open anything. I hate

WoW: Collection of Battle Pet exploits – God Mode

This is a small collection of exploits that you can do, and shows them with an accompanying video for proof of concept. These all work with Battle Pets and other abilities, the most interesting of them, is teleporting via World