Daily Archives: 12 February 2013

Path of Exile: Scroll Tricks

In a perfect world, which Path of Exile isn't... not yet anyways, everything would work as they were supposed to. But this game is in beta, so there are some things which should work, but won't always.

Starcraft 2- Heart of the Swarm: Protoss Tempest video guide

This StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm New Unit Protoss Tempest Guide, goes over the strengths and weaknesses of the Tempest unit, which is a new unit for the Protoss in SC2.

WoW: Simple Fly Hack, no memory writing

DarkLinux created a no memory write Fly Hack for World of Warcraft. He made it so he could harass live streamers and fly behind them, which kind of makes them look like they are playing on emulators, rather then on