Daily Archives: 13 February 2013

Path of Exile: How to Build Items and Increase Stats

Kripparrian has been playing PoE since alpha, and shows us how to build items in Path of Exile. Unlike Diablo 3, there are no professions, but that doesn't mean it's not possible to make some custom items. This video guide

Starcraft 2 – Heart of the Swarm: Terran Reaper Guide and Tactics

The Reaper is the new unit for Terran in Starcraft 2's Heart of the Swarm expansion. This video guide will teach you it's strengths and weaknesses in the game, and some common strategies and tactics for use with this new unit.

WoW: How to Farm Ashes of Al’ar quickly exploit

In World of Warcraft, Ashes of Al'ar has a 1%-2% drop chance. If done the normal way of farming this mount, it will take you upto 1 year to get one, if you farm them with a group of 25.