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Tera: Beginner Enchanting – Enigmatic and Masterwork Guide

A beginners enchanting guide along with an Enigmatic and Masterwork guide for Tera Online. Learn how to improve your items with crafting, take the guesswork out of these professions.

ESO: A History of Elder Scrolls – what we know now

I played Daggerfall and Morrowwind, when they were new. Back when I saw Daggerfall, I knew that Bethesda should have made the game an MMO. Back then, there were 3-4 games, Dark Ages of Camelot, Ultima Online, Asheron's Call, and

DDO: Protect precious items from breaking

Nobody likes it when a fragile item breaks. Worse is when those fragile items are expensive or rare to replace. Use this DDO trick to save the items from breaking. This is perfect for precious +stat tomes or major mana