Daily Archives: 16 February 2013

Starcraft 2 – Terran Widow Mine Video Guide and Tactics

The Widow Mine is a new unit for Terran in Starcraft 2's Heart of the Swarm expansion. This video guide will teach you it's strengths and weaknesses in the game, and some common strategies and tactics for use with this

Path of Exile: WARNING – Fake Bots and Hacks

I hope I got your attention with that title. There are some fake bots (and likely game hacks) floating around. One of them was simply a domain asking for donations in the range of $1500 in order to secure a

Path of Exile Multi-hack: Maphack, Zoomhack, Tweak Lighting

PoE Maphack with 3 functions which work together very well. Allows you to zoom out of your character to get an actual map. Removes the shading from unexplored areas. Fullbright: For lighting settings to apply instantly you can just doubleclick