Path of Exile: WASD AutoIt Movement Script

This wasd movement script was originally developed for Diablo 3 by Stybbe, but has been changed to allow it to work with Path of Exile. It will allow you to navigate using the W-A-S-D keys instead of just the point to click feature. After the patch that allows movement to be bound on a different skill-bar I actually felt quite comfortable using this wasd-script.

Few quite nice features this script includes:

  • An extra mouse cursor, so that your mouse is always where you want it to be.
  • The cursor can be custom made with by editing a .png file.
  • Interrupt wasd movement when starting to cast
  • Automatically holding down shift when casting with left mouse.
  • Automatically pause wasd script when chatting.
  • Commented and easy edited variables.

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Path of Exile: Class Overview for all 6 unique classes

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