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Path of Exile: WASD AutoIt Movement Script

This wasd movement script was originally developed for Diablo 3 by Stybbe, but has been changed to allow it to work with Path of Exile. It will allow you to navigate using the W-A-S-D keys instead of just the point

Path of Exile: Class Overview for all 6 unique classes

There are 6 classes which result in different starter locations in Path of Exile, but some classes aren't that beginner friendly, so they may require different game-play. Here we go over the 6 different classes from beginning to end-game to

Starcraft 2 – Terran Widow Mine Video Guide and Tactics

The Widow Mine is a new unit for Terran in Starcraft 2's Heart of the Swarm expansion. This video guide will teach you it's strengths and weaknesses in the game, and some common strategies and tactics for use with this

Path of Exile: WARNING – Fake Bots and Hacks

I hope I got your attention with that title. There are some fake bots (and likely game hacks) floating around. One of them was simply a domain asking for donations in the range of $1500 in order to secure a

Path of Exile Multi-hack: Maphack, Zoomhack, Tweak Lighting

PoE Maphack with 3 functions which work together very well. Allows you to zoom out of your character to get an actual map. Removes the shading from unexplored areas. Fullbright: For lighting settings to apply instantly you can just doubleclick

Tera: Beginner Enchanting – Enigmatic and Masterwork Guide

A beginners enchanting guide along with an Enigmatic and Masterwork guide for Tera Online. Learn how to improve your items with crafting, take the guesswork out of these professions.

ESO: A History of Elder Scrolls – what we know now

I played Daggerfall and Morrowwind, when they were new. Back when I saw Daggerfall, I knew that Bethesda should have made the game an MMO. Back then, there were 3-4 games, Dark Ages of Camelot, Ultima Online, Asheron's Call, and

DDO: Protect precious items from breaking

Nobody likes it when a fragile item breaks. Worse is when those fragile items are expensive or rare to replace. Use this DDO trick to save the items from breaking. This is perfect for precious +stat tomes or major mana

Path of Exile: Boss Mob Combat Tactics and Tricks

If you're having some problems taking down a boss mob in Path of Exile, don't forget a few common tactics such as kiting, and duck & cover. Then try these tricks as well to help you solo a boss.

DDO: Level Crafting 1-95 in 6 hours cheat

Imagine the hundreds of hours farming materials to level your crafting. Now also imagine the cost. At 500pp for each essence, it will cost you upto 75 million plat to level your crafting 1-95. There is however a cheat, which

Path of Exile: How to Build Items and Increase Stats

Kripparrian has been playing PoE since alpha, and shows us how to build items in Path of Exile. Unlike Diablo 3, there are no professions, but that doesn't mean it's not possible to make some custom items. This video guide

Starcraft 2 – Heart of the Swarm: Terran Reaper Guide and Tactics

The Reaper is the new unit for Terran in Starcraft 2's Heart of the Swarm expansion. This video guide will teach you it's strengths and weaknesses in the game, and some common strategies and tactics for use with this new unit.

WoW: How to Farm Ashes of Al’ar quickly exploit

In World of Warcraft, Ashes of Al'ar has a 1%-2% drop chance. If done the normal way of farming this mount, it will take you upto 1 year to get one, if you farm them with a group of 25.

Path of Exile: Scroll Tricks

In a perfect world, which Path of Exile isn't... not yet anyways, everything would work as they were supposed to. But this game is in beta, so there are some things which should work, but won't always.

Starcraft 2- Heart of the Swarm: Protoss Tempest video guide

This StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm New Unit Protoss Tempest Guide, goes over the strengths and weaknesses of the Tempest unit, which is a new unit for the Protoss in SC2.

WoW: Simple Fly Hack, no memory writing

DarkLinux created a no memory write Fly Hack for World of Warcraft. He made it so he could harass live streamers and fly behind them, which kind of makes them look like they are playing on emulators, rather then on

WoW: Skip to last boss Ahn’kahet in 1 minute exploit

This exploit will allow you to skip to the last boss Ahn'kahet in under 1 minute. It works for any class, and at level 90, you should be able to farm the boss in about 2 minutes total.

Path of Exile: Easy 6 socket items trick

Easy if you are high level on Merciless difficulty. Most of the time 6 socket's will turn into 7 jewelers orbs or almost 1 chaos orb at a vendor.

WoW: Warlock Tricks – Wall Climbing & Teleport though Walls

Game exploit compilation for Warlocks includes Wall climbing, Mini Bottled Tornado, Teleport though Walls, and how to Stop in Mid-Air after jumping off a cliff.

Path of Exile: Cheaper way to raise Quality on Weapons & Armor

If you plan to increase the quality of a weapon or armor, then you should know there is an easier, let expensive way to do it. As you know, raising up rare items can be quite costly to get it