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Diablo 3: Underbid on Max Cap-Guaranteed Win-Save 100M gold

I am not sure how many people actually play Diablo 3 now, but it's come to our attention, there is a way to save 100M gold, when bidding on certain auctions, and forcing others to not be able to out

Happy Easter

Hope you all got some goodies in your Easter Basket this year. If not, here's one for you, which you can use today or tomorrow... 

WoW: Mailbox COD Scam

This does not work everytime, but if you are lucky, it can work a few times for you. If it does work... you might get the gold AND the items back in the mail. There is a simple trick to

WoW: Pre-cap flag in Rated Battleground Eye of the Storm

Some people have said this isn't an exploit, but if you can do something that others can't then it's definitely an exploit. With this cheat, you can pre-cap the flag in EotS with your Wind Walker Monk. This then allows Name Changes – Are they Real?

Yes, name changes are real. However, while there are real ones, there are also plenty of scammers. Why are there scammers? Well it's high priced for one. The average price of the services costs $299-$499.  The best example of

News: What Makes Games Addicting?

excerpt from THEY'RE COMPLEX Wood et al. report that most gamers wanted "complex and immersive" games. We can probably use that to eliminate some smaller games (sorry, Angry Birds), but that could still include a lot of genres and

Path of Exile: Witch Fire Summoner Build & Guide

The goal of this build are to have an army of zombies with high fire damage. Your basic fight consists of approaching an enemy group and dropping a spell totem with summon skeletons attached. These skeletons act as a meat

WoW: Make Gold, Selling BOP Pets

There is a nifty little trick you can do, which will make you some nice money in WoW. All you need to do is sell pets. Simple, right? Well what if there was a way to get a "rare" pet

Runes of Magic: Beginner’s Gathering Guide

One of the themes of Runes of Magic involves resource gathering for crafting purposes as well as for purchasing epic powers. Players are able to obtain all resource gathering skills and learn all crafting skills, but they will pick which

SWTOR: Guide to Defeating Darth Zash

The Sith Inquisitor must defeat Darth Zash to prevent his own death. Darth Zash is a Sith Sorceror who can heal herself. She is Similar to the Sith Inquisitor. It's almost like trying to defeat a mirror image of the

Path of Exile: GGPK File extractor

With this you can make barrels, chests, or unique items a bright green or pink texture using GIMP and a DDS plugin. Think of this as your first step to making a pixel bot, where item colors will allow your

League of Legends: Getting out of ELO Hell

Many people consider Elo hell to be an elo that you cannot get out of because of the quality of players feeders and other factors that might cause one to lose the game. The sad fact is that your elo

Path of Exile: Kripper’s Templar Wand Build Guide

Based on the build by Krippers To save your time from asking questions again and again, I will try my best to include everything there is to playing with wands in this guide. Build Strengths: Unmatched group utility (up to

WoW: Video Diary – How not to PvP

A video diary of 3 English blokes as they play WoW. Here are their first 3 episodes on How Not to PvP, and their lessons as they learn how to properly PvP in WoW. They start in Battlegrounds, and then

Path of Exile: Marauder Bow Build Guide

This build features very high ranged elemental damage and bulkiness. It works for any player, works on any game mode (pick up more HP and less damage on HC!); however requires good gear to truly shine. The goal of what

WoW: How to Earn Reputation and gain your own Cloud Serpent

The Order of the Cloud Serpent is a new faction that was introduced into World of Warcraft with the latest expansion: Mists of Pandaria. For those of you who did the Netherwing dailies, these are exactly the same. At least

Dragon Nest: How to get the Speed Terminator title

Speed Terminator is a collection title, meaning you should first collect different titles for you to unlock. Basically all the titles involve completing the required dungeon under the required difficulty again under a required time.

WoW: Raid Exploit – How to take down Garalon the Easy way

We all know the Garalon fight.. or at least I hope so, as this might be hard to follow otherwise. This will allow you to bypass the Pheromones portion of the fight, with the help of a monk.

Path of Exile: MultiHack – Speed hack, max Zoom, Reveal Map

This PoE game hack Features 3 hacks including an Enhanced Speed Hack, a Maphack to reveal the entire map, and zoom hack, allowing you to zoom out any distance. [Features] Enhanced speed hack - Desync barely happens, except you use

Tera Online: Alliance Patch – Video Preview

The Alliance Patch has already been released on KTera (Korean servers), and this is a preview from those servers. The Alliance Patch adds 3 alliances into the game, and you can only be a part of 1 of them, choose